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4 Sep September

Questions from you the Audience!

KossTalk Host Evan Kossman took questions from you the audience. The questions could be about life, sports, business, and whatever else you had questions about! Questions included: how committed is he to the podcast (1:00), who is your dream interview (3:20), in what ways can younger generations balance life goals and steady careers (4:25), is the NBA more marketable than the NFL (5:45), is automation a threat to the service industry (7:15), would you rather fight 100 toddlers or one 100 ft toddlers (7:45), and how does cord-cutting effect advertising (8:50).

If you'd like to have your question answered in a future episode, feel free to send your questions in on Twitter, Facebook or via email and we'll try to get to them the next time we open the mailbag!

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