Learn How the Bosses Talk

24 Jul July

Jake Mednick and Thomas McCole, creators of Babsocks

Jake Mednick and Thomas McCole, the creators of Babsocks, came on the podcast to talk all things Babsocks. With a pair of socks that embodied a fan base, we discussed the origin of the business; the learning curve of going into business; their various product lines; the 'misprint' collector's items; and how you follow up such a successful first product. We even got a special question from James Mirtle, editor-in-chief of the Athletic. The guys closed out the episode by answering the question from last weeks guest (me) and asked a question to the next guest!

The episode concludes with a giveaway of a Home-and-Away pack of Babsocks, courtesy of Babsocks. A $35 value! Listen for details.

0:50 - Origin of the Business.

3:48 - Who drew Babcock? 

4:57 - Any concerns about clearance? 

6:11 - The product development process

9:22 - Molson World Cup Babsocks. 

11:41 - Involvement with camh. 

13:14 - Any new products in development?

15:55 - Question from James Mirtle. 

16:49 - Leafs Talk. 

19:40 - Question from last guest + Question for next one!